Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual Review

It may not make sense to you why some people want to improve their verticals and jump higher when practicing various sports, but for a professional athlete, the practices that Jacob Hiller suggests in his Jump Manual are incredibly useful. After training so many NBA players and helping them achieve 44 inches verticals, Jacob Hiller has decided to write down all his suggestions, so people from all over the world can benefit of his experience.

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increase vertical jump techniqueUnlike other authors, who resort to ghost writers to publish their books, Jacob Hiller has typed every letter and word in the manual himself, so he is well aware of the content that he has provided. In fact, the author guarantees that even the least active person will manage to achieve a 44-inch vertical after carefully observing his practices.

Flawed information and wrong practices are the two main factors preventing people from jumping as high as they can. People wrongfully believe that practicing the same sport techniques will automatically improve their results, but Hiller comes to contradict these beliefs.

The manual is structured into four main parts, so people can easily read and assimilate the given information. The first part presents the correctprinciples that readers and jumpers must apply in order to obtain better results. The second chapter of the book introduces the techniques that Hiller has used with his athletes, as well as a brief presentation of the effects they have on players’ bodies.

The third chapter shows readers the importance that discipline and hard work have on athletes’ results, especially when correct principles are applied over a long period of time. The final part of the book focuses on correct nutrition and products that athletes should include in their meals in order to have good sports results, good physical and health condition.

Jacob Hiller guarantees that sportsmen will achieve 44-inch jumps once they get to understand and correctly practice the techniques he describes in the manual. Clients who will not be satisfied with their results will get a full refund from the author.

Jacob Hiller has been a vertical jump trainer for more than 10 years. He started applying the methods described in the Jump Manual in 2004 and published the book in 2008. His clients have all been pleased with Hiller’s practices and the manual received recognition from magazines like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Men’s Health and Fadeaway Magazine.

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  1. “I recommend the Jump Manual to any athlete who is serious about maximizing their quickness and vertical explosion. I have seen the program work time and time again. It’s an intense regimen but there are tremendous gains to be had.”

  2. “What I was most surprised about the training program was how little time it took each day to get those kind of results. 2 weeks after doing the training I was jumping higher. I was quicker and dunking easily. My training will never be the same and I would recommend without hesitation to all my team mates. Thanks again.”

  3. Increasing my vertical jump was one of the hardest things that I did in my life – not because it’s very hard but I have not found the appropriate method. The jump manual is a dream come true for me. I got to jump 13″ more than usual! That’s huge for me!

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