Review: Introduction To Apple’s iPod Touch 16GB White (4th Generation)

They say the third time is the charm, but when it comes to Apple’s devices it is actually the fourth generation that makes the difference. The fourth-generation of iPod Touch 16GB White has been endowed with many more features making a huge leap from the third-generation model.

First of all, the new iPod Touch received a 3.5-inch Retina display, as well as a front-facing and rear-facing camera. Even though the resolution of the rear-camera is a little bit low, 720p HD, it is, nevertheless, a good deal for $188.

The major differences are noticeable in the look and design of the new iPod. Unlike the previous models, the new iPod Touch is much thinner, sleeker and lighter making it the perfect device to surf the Internet play games and watch video and music files. The new model has the smallest dimensions, that is, 4.4 x 0.3 x 2.3 inches and 3.5 ounces. The player we have reviewed is white, but the device is available in many other colors, including silver and pastel shades. The most requested was, obviously, the black device; however, Apple’s well-known shade of white has drawn lots of buyers, too.

Apple has foreseen different prices for the fourth-generation of iPod Touch, depending on its capacities. Buyers can choose between 8GB, 16 GB and 64 GB, the price of the most expensive model being $399. Our reviewed product is probably one of the most convenient bargains you’ll find because Amazon is willing to sell the iPod Touch 16 GB for only $188.

The highly advanced iOS operating system that has been added to the iPod makes the device very friendly for the user. The program features many colorful icons and the motion is very fluid despite the advanced graphics. Users can perform various tasks at the same time without worrying that their media player will encounter any streaming problems.

There are very few types of files that are supported by the iPod Touch, but the device is still a good deal due to the small price. The total lack of GPS signal might cause some inconveniences, but, all in all, the device does a great job as a pocket computer.

1. Stylish design
2. High-resolution Retina display
3. Improved iOS operating system
4. Long battery life

1. No GPS
2 Low-resolution rear-facing camera
3. Limited range of supported files

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