Review: How Comfortable Are The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones?

The American company Bose claims they offer “better sound through research” so we set out to see whether their popular product, the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones, truly reflects their motto. The noise-cancelling feature was the unique selling point that the company has always stressed in order to promote their headphones.

After various tests, we were able to acknowledge that the noise-canceling circuitry is really one of the best features that Bose has used on the Comfort 15 model. Although the headphones were created in the image of their predecessor, Comfort 2, there are many additional features that have been included. The design of the headphones remained intact because the company wanted to focus on improving their sound quality.  

Comfort 15 is clearly a product that will appeal to travelers due to its small and compact shape, as well as its inflight features. The over-the-ear design makes it a lot easier for owners to block any unwanted sounds from the outside. Also, the model features noise-canceling microphones both on the inside and the outside. These can detect ambient noise and eliminate it in order to give listeners a much more comfortable, as they say, experience.  The silence can be increased even further with the help of the “anti-noise” option which can be turned on, depending on listeners’ preferences.

As with most noise-canceling headphones, you must make sure your battery is charged in order to listen to your favorite music. There are, however, very few chances of running out of battery considering that Bose claims they last for almost 35 hours. The right earcup has been provided with an AAA battery that will keep your headphones going for as long as you like. Their runtime can also be extended with a third-party battery and a charger, but using a standard alkaline gives you the possibility to travel as much as you like without worrying about other accessories.

Some reviewers were disturbed by the noise-canceling option. They claim the Quiet Comfort 15 has caused them a sense of pressure on the eardrum, but the discomfort disappeared once they turned on the music or the films. If you don’t like the impression that you are hearing sounds under the water, you should turn the noise-canceling option off.

1. Noise-canceling feature
2. Comfortable design
3. Compact design that makes the headphones easy to carry around

1. The price is high in comparison with other models
2. The noise-canceling feature could cause discomfort
3. They require alkaline batteries

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