Detoxify Your Body With The Total Wellness Cleanse Diet

The team of nutritionists working to develop the Total Wellness Cleans diet, Yuri Elkaim, Adam Elkaim and Amy Coats, have grounded all their theory on the importance of organic products.

In their opinion, the health problems that people have in the 21st Century are partially and sometimes entirely caused by the ingestion of highly toxic products. Their statement confirms what science has proven on numerous occasions, so I was interested in finding more about the solution they suggest.

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Total Wellness Cleanse diet presupposes the total detoxification of the body by eliminating everything that may contain pesticides, chemicals and hormones.

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The package contains a 30-day guide meant to educate people about the good and the bad nutriments and the influence they have on our body.

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Needless to say, aliments containing chemicals, pesticides and hormones have been linked to a series of health affections including some of the most dreadful diseases of the current century.

Yuri, Adam and Amy illustrate the problems that non-healthy food may cause by making reference to several scientific researches.

According to them, stomach pains, foul-smelling gas and relentless fatigue are all signs of a highly toxic nutrition. These symptoms can worsen and eventually lead to liver diseases or cancer, if we don’t switch to a more organic and healthy diet.

The 30-day diet suggested by the team of holistic nutritionists is divided into two phases. During the Cleanse Phase (1-14 day), the person who follows the diet, must give up all the toxic food and substances in favor of organic fruits and vegetables. The creators of the regime have included 100% raw meals, as well as non-raw recipes in order to provide customers with as many options as possible.

The first 14 days are followed by the Maintenance Phase (15-30 day) during which you will pass to a more flexible meal plan, which is, nevertheless, based on toxic-free products. This milder stage will help you make a gradual transition to a new lifestyle so you can observe the principles of the Total Wellness Diet for a longer period of time.

Numerous other manuals have been included in the package, so customers can learn everything there is to know about the ingredients and products they use in their meals. Thus, they can increase their energy, improve their skin condition and ameliorate some of the affections they may be suffering of by simply eating the right products for them.

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