review Coby Kyros 10.1-inch, 8GB, Wi-Fi Review

Coby Kyros 10.1’s predecessor, the 7-inch, is easily one of the best tablets you can buy for under $100. For a virtually unknown brand in a market where Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung rule the place, Coby Kyros surprised buyers looking for a good tablet at a cheap price. The touch screen, processor and even storage possibility are certainly enticing for a small tablet under $100, but what about the larger version? Is the Coby Kyros 10.1-inch, 8 GB, Wi-Fi tablet worth the $129.99 Amazon price tag?

The 7 inch Coby Kyros was highly praised for what it delivers under the $100 price tag, even though the resistive touch screen is no Retina Display but it does play up to 1080p High Definition videos. It was also the bundle that came with the device: the earphones, power adapter, a mini-USB sync cable, a screen-cleaning cloth and even a stylus that was discretely tucked into the upper right panel corner (although not necessary to use the screen). 

For $129.99 (discounted from $289.99), Coby Kyros 10.1is an 8GB, Wi-Fi tablet that users agree it performs better than expected. The 0.50 x 10.37 x 6.40 inches tablet runs on a Fujitsu 1 GHZ A110 processor and comes with 1 GB DIMM RAM memory, whereas actual storage room is 8GB (2GB for user apps and 4.6GB for user content). You can expand storage via microSD and microSDHC up to 32GB.

Sure, the app fan isn’t going to have lots of fun using it, since there isn’t a Google Play app store included by default, despite the Android 4.0 OS. There is always however Amazon app store and the tablet’s default Get Jar app store (which some users complained it was quite limited).

Wi-Fi (802.11bgn) and mobile hotspot via cellphone work great and so does streaming music and video

Battery life 6-7 hours

Very affordable for a 10-inch tablet

Performs well as an e-book reader

Users reported bugs with the power button and back button, either too sensitive or not doing what it should

No Facebook app available by default

Most Coby Kyros 10.1 user reviews say that this budget tablet is great for a lot of stuff, even if Google Play app store and Facebook apps are missing. If you’re looking for a large screen tablet on a budget, then caveats shouldn’t be much of a surprise, so at least make sure you find the device that has the most to offer.

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