Carb-Back Loading – A Rip Off Guide To Getting Scammed

A new rip off guide signed by John Kiefer, a guy who likes to call himself an experienced physicist, has been spread around the Internet these days. The author of the Carb-Back Loading manual claims to have discovered the secret to the perfect body; his recipe is supposed to contradict all the previous medical practices, but lacks the solid argumentative stage that could convince us.

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John Kiefer has stirred the whole fitness and health community with the hypotheses he has put forth in his recent manual “Carb-Back Loading”. It is fairly easy to understand nutritionists and trainers’ reaction to Kiefer’s manual, given the statements he has made. The so-called physicist and scientist claims to have discovered a secret diet that allows people to load as many carbs as possible without getting fat. Not only do people lose fat with the help of his regime, but they also chisel their bodies to increase muscle mass and develop a lean figure, in his opinion.

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So far, so good. The theory looks rather promising and I’m sure it got lots of people daydreaming about the things they could do if they could only master John Kiefer’s secret diet. Problems and question marks begin to appear when Kiefer starts explaining his theory and, more particularly, arguing why his diet should work. The author does not provide solid evidence that could convince us the theory is indeed real.

According to John Kiefer, people get fat and have difficulties in shaping their bodies because they don’t eat the right products at the right time of the day. He claims he has lost great part of his youth obsessing over diets, while constantly struggling in gym to get the perfect six-packs abs that everyone dreams of. Until one day when he discovered that carbs are not necessarily bad as long as you know when and how to eat them.

Based on the alleged researches that the author has made, our body has the ability to burn fats even without exercising. There is a certain time interval during which you can eat as many carbs as possible without increasing the fat level by simply manipulating the insulin levels in your body. While these hypotheses seem interesting and appealing, they are not supported by sufficient evidence to determine us to ignore everything that health and sports experts have taught us so far. John Kiefer’s manual is an unsubstantial presentation of the Carb-Back Loading that does not provide any real advice.

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