Adonis Golden Ratio Review: Get The Physique You Want In Just 12 Weeks

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a training program designed by John Barban to help clients get the physique they want in just 12 weeks of practice. John Barban has tested the program himself and he can, therefore, testify that the fitness plan really works. He has made a reputation due to the numerous achievements he has had as a world-class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology.

The training program designed by John Barban relies on every man’s DNA to produce customized fitness plans for the increase of the muscle mass.

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The concept is simple: the Adonis Golden Ratio represents the shoulder-waist proportion that men need to have in order to have an ideal male physique. The ratio suggested by Barban after the model of the Greek gods presupposes that the shoulder ratio should be 1.618 if the waist is 1.

The program begins by measuring the Golden Index, that is, the proportion that you normally have before practicing the exercises suggested by Barban. The measures are introduced in John’s software and the program immediately displays the ideal proportions that the respective person should have. This is, however, just the beginning; there are many other steps that people must accomplish before they can finally achieve the Adonis Golden Ratio.

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John Barban took care of everything, so people can easily go through the steps of the program without making big efforts. The package that you will receive after ordering it on the Internet contains everything you need to know about the Adonis Golden Ratio.

You will begin with the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program which sums up the best exercises to help you chisel your body in the ideal shape. Since workout has to be complemented by a well-balanced nutrition, the package comes with a brochure, the Adonis, Golden Ratio Nutrition Program enlisting the products that will work miracles on your mental and physical state. Supplements must never be excluded from a training plan, so John Barban offers clients vitamins to maintain their strength even during the most difficult sessions.

People who order the Adonis Golden Ratio program will also receive three important bonuses. The first one is a collection of difficult abs and arms program meant to shape this area in just several days. The Adonis Unlimited Upgrades Bonus enables clients to stay up to date with the Barban’s new findings, whereas the 7 Days Out Bonus developed in association with Kyle Leon is a blueprint that makes people look much more muscular in just one week.

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  1. Good program so far, im doing catagory 3 muslce/fat loss and just finished week 6 and im doing the ai contest as well and so far loving the program current mesurement for me is about 31 inch waist, 48 inch shoulders at 5″10 and about 8.3% body fat

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