Review: 3 Reasons Why Apple iPod Nano 16GB Slate Will Never Go Away

The arrival of new and do-it-all devices, such as, smartphones and tablets, might make people think Apple iPod Nano has fallen into disuse. Yet, the 7th generation of Apple’s MP3 player is now available on the market and it looks like the 16 GB Slate version is very appealing to customers.

Unlike smartphones and tablets which were designed to meet the needs of a broader target market, the iPod Nano 16 GB Slate was endowed with a series of features that are perfect for a certain niche. The device is not just an MP3 player that you use to listen to your favorite music and play videos; if it were only for that, the iPod would definitely be eclipsed by the rest of the gadgets.

iPod Nano 16 GB Slate, however, is the greatest companion athletes could have during their training sessions. Unlike the smartphone or the tablet, the iPod weighs only 1.1 ounces and is 5.4-mm thin, which makes it very easy to carry around while jogging or performing other sports activities. The 7th generation of iPods was, in fact, foreseen with built-in pedometer to measure fitness performances and built-in Nike+ support for those who want to publish their results on Nike’s website and compare them with the ones of their friends.

The 16 GB storage capacity gives athletes and non-athletes, why not, the possibility to store as many music and video files as possible. If that is not enough, there is also a FM radio option. Either way, the battery will last for up to 30 hours during music playback and up to 3.5 hours during video playback.

The MP3 player is not able to perform other advanced activities, such as, Wi-Fi connectivity or games control, but it is a good option for music lovers or athletes. Or both. The 7th generation model has even received a wider 2.5” multi-touch screen to enhance the display quality of the gadget. The drawback, on the other hand, is the fact that the iPod is a little bit more difficult to handle with just one hand. 

Since there aren’t many technological features that the manufacturer of the iPod Nano Slate can brag about in comparison with other devices, the design of the portable media player was greatly improved. This iPod is much sleeker than the rest of the models and is produced in 7 gorgeous colors.

1. Thinner, smaller shape
2. Wider 2.5” screen
3. 16 GB storage capacity

1. The price ($160) is too big considering there are limited actions owners can perform with the media player.
2. The free EarPods provided by Apple don’t render the best sound quality.  

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