Researchers Work at Social Media Lie Detector

Researchers seem to be working at a very interesting discovery. Reports reveal that they are trying to release a social media lie detector, which will show if the information spread on social networks is accurate or not. 

At this study take part some of the most appreciated European universities. The researchers are trying to find a system that could automatically tell if a certain rumor is true or not, searching for a reliable source to confirm it. 

The purpose of this lie detector, as it has been named, actually is to help governments, emergency services, as well as media and companies, better respond to different claims that may arise. So, the goal of this project is to verify online rumors and determine their accuracy.

Moreover, the system will be able to determine if a certain social media account has been created with the sole purpose to spread false information or it is an accurate profile. Of course, numerous companies and institutions will find such as system as extremely helpful when it comes to responding effectively to many events. 

Not only profiles can be analyzed by the new system, but posts on Twitter, comments in forums and public comments on Facebook can be tested with its usage, as well. 

According to the researchers working at this project, information can spread very fast online and the truth is that many of the rumors that end up on the Internet and on social networks might be untrue. Some rumors can be speculation or controversy, while others can be misinformation or disinformation. 

The system will first trace the source of information and categorize it in sites, news sources, journalists, experts, witnesses, among many others. Then, it will examine the account to find out if it was just created to launch a rumor. 

Text and images will be analyzed, as well. For instance, a photo can be tested if it has been altered or not. The results aim to determine if information is accurate, if it comes from reliable sources or it is just trying to mislead the audience. 

It is believed that the system will become available in the next 18 months, but specialists say that most likely it will be out even sooner than that.

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