Republican Bobby Rush Gets Involved In The Trayvon Martin Protest

The overall focus that the Trayvon Martin case and protests have generated, got even the interest of politicians. Democrat Bobby Rush got actively involved in the Trayvon Martin protest and for his action against racial profiling the United States Congress reacted promptly by shutting him down.

Democrat Bobby Rush was not only shut down from the mic, but was even escorted from the House floor after he appeared wearing a hoodie and talked about racial profiling. His gesture was a way to bring focus to an urgent matter and ask for a full investigation into the controversial Trayvon Martin case, the teenager shot down by a neighborhood watch captain.

While he was presiding over the House floor, Bobby Rush took down his suit jacket to reveal a hoodie he actually put over his head. Meanwhile he started addressing the members of the House with the following words: “Racial profiling has got to stop. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum”.

“I applaud the young people, all across the land who are making a statement about hoodies, about the real hoodlums in this nation, specifically those who tread on our law wearing official or quasi-official cloaks” said the Democrat.

His speech and the actual fact that he dared to wear a hoodie while on the House floor angered his fellow Democrat party member Gregg Harper that he started yelling Bible verses. Harper accused Rush of being out of order for wearing the hoodie , which apparently is in contradiction with a longtime prohibition against wearing hats on the House floor.

Bobby Rush’s gesture was interpreted poorly in the Congress. The focus switched immediately from the Trayvon Martin case to more “serious” matters such as floor attire rules. House Speaker John A. Boehner gave a small speech remembering the House members the guidelines of what was called “appropriate floor attire”.

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader, only commented that when she attended her first House session women were not allowed to wear pantsuits. As she added she’d rather focus on more urgent matters such as Medicare and the middle class.

Bobby Rush’s choice of protesting against racial profiling has emphasized what politicians and lawmakers of the U.S. consider to be important. Unfortunately for the Trayvon Martin supporters and Rush, the gesture was not understood by lawmakers.

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  1. The truth is at this point noone really knows what happened. Those who defend Trayvon are making up their own story and not even listening to the other person. They are the ones who are racial profiling. What has occurred is a mob mentality. What a shame that noone is looking for the truth.

  2. The trayvon martin case is tragic. The kid was killed and
    Nothing will bring him back nor assuage the grief of his family. But to simply explain this away as unfair racial profiling is either over simplifying or ignoring facts.the neighborhood where zimmerman resided had several burglaries attempted burglaries in the past year. By??
    Young african american males some dressed similar to
    Trayvon. While i think zimmerman is a nut who should have not been allowed to posess a gun. More people are becoming frustrated and such incidences will occur with greater frequency. Too many black men are in prison and
    Its not because they are innocent. As a society we need to
    Pull together and fix this problem because we are all americans.lets have honest discussions and search for real
    Answers.i for one am alarmed at the situation and am heartbroken for the martins. They deserve that we all admit the truth.theres a breakdown in the african american community and when one community suffers we all suffer. SOLUTIONS NOW!

  3. Democrat, republican who cares? The focus should be on the problem at hand which is a young black unarmed teenager killed by a gun crazed maniac who abused the little bit of authority( if thats what you want to call it) he had…. I say he needs to stand up and face whats in store for him. And also believe that justice will be served! RIP TRAYVON

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