Reporter Punches Brad Pitt in the Face

One of the most debated events in the celebrity world is the recent attack on Brad Pitt. The famous actor was punched in the face by a reporter, who now faces charges linked to this event. 

The person accused of attacking Brad Pitt is no one else than Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukrainian TV reporter. Sediuk actually is quite well-known for his many pranks when it comes to celebrities. Sediuk tried to kiss Will Smith during a red carpet appearance in Moscow and hugged Bradley Copper and Leonardo DiCaprio around the keens. Naturally, these are just few of the celebrities who had the opportunity to meet Vitalii Sediuk. 

Following the attack on Brad Pitt, the Ukrainian reporter was fired from his job, CNN reported. The attack occurred as Brad Pitt was signing autographs on the red carpet, while meeting up with his fans. The famous actor was hit in the face by the Ukrainian reporter, who jumped the rope. Brad Pitt did not seem that much impressed by the event, continuing to give interviews on the red carpet and to talk with his fans.

The whole incident already was investigated by the LA police. Vitalii Sediuk was held in custody at the LAPD’s Hollywood jail in suspicion of battery. Apparently, there is a $20,000 bond set to free the famous prankster. However, it seems that Brad Pitt was not happy at all with this whole incident. The popular actor decided to file a temporary emergency restriction order against his attacker. 

Consequently, the actor has been granted an emergency protective order against Vitalii Sediuk. “This was an unfortunately and inappropriate incident that is being investigated by the LAPD,” a spokesperson claimed regarding this event. Vitalii Sediuk was immediately taken into custody by the cops. It seems that the reporter got into a conflict with Brad Pitt, which led to the described events. 

Brad Pitt acted very professional, despite what happened on the red carpet. The actor choose to keep his calm and continued to talk with his fans, giving autographs and interviews. So, the actor was seen the red carpet, smiling and waving at fans, just moments later. 

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