Report: Steven Tyler And Fiancee Erin Brady Broke Up

A recent report from the Gossip Cop reads that Steven Tyler and fiancee Erin Brady broke up. The source says the couple called it quits because of Steven Tyler’s attempt to sobriety before the upcoming Aerosmith tour.

This is obviously not the first report or time when Steven Tyler and Erin Brady split up. Gossip Cop’s sources say this time around, Steven Tyler and Erin Brady are done and over. In the meanwhile, an Aerosmith spokesperson says Steven Tyler and Erin Brady will still get married but they are having trials in a relationship, just like any other couple.

Since he left American Idol, Steven Tyler has been focusing a lot on the band. Aerosmith is preparing for a tour and Steven Tyler is trying to stay sober. The frontman however has a hard time with that. At 64 years, Steven Tyler has been in and out of rehab eight times. One of those times he was accompanied by his girlfriend of six years, Erin Brady.

“Steven has quietly ended it with his fiancee” writes Mercury News. “Steven has been trying to maintain his lifestyle and to stay clean. The tour is really important to him and the band. So he decided to end it” an insider claimed.

A rep for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith denied the rumors that the couple’s recent split is for good. However the spokesperson did not deny that Steven Tyler and Erin Brady are having relationship troubles, hinting it’s a temporary situation: “Just as any couple goes through trials and tribulations in a relationship, Steven and Erin are asking for their privacy at this time. They are engaged to be married and each is committed to their sobriety”.

Earlier this year, Steven Tyler talked to Life & Style about his wedding with Erin Brady.  Back in March, Steven Tyler didn’t hint to any problems. “I thought either [Hawaii] or Phuket. I’m all about writing ‘I love you’ on a beach and surprising somebody” Steven Tyler confessed. “It will be somewhere, but it’s going to be way over-the-top romantic” he told Life & Style.

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