Report: Smaller Surface Tablets To Be Produced In The Future

A new report originating in Asia revealed that smaller Surface tablets could be released in the future by the software company, Microsoft. According to the report, the display of the new devices will measure 7 and 9 inches, CNET News informs.

Microsoft is doing its best to compete against IT giants and hopefully, obtain a bigger market share with their Surface tablet. The first generation of tablets was not as successful as the company expected, but the report did not discourage the software company from producing new devices. Manufacturers in Asia have good reasons to believe that Microsoft will launch new Surface tablets in the following months.

The sources claim that Microsoft will launch the smaller tablets during the Build Conference that is set to take place in June. The new report comes to confirm the rumors spread by the Wall Street Journal last month according to which, the new Surface tablets will measure only 7 inches. Analysts think the second generation of Surface tablets could include various models and their display sizes could vary from 7 to 9 inches.

No other details are known for the moment, but Microsoft will most likely collaborate with some of its well-known manufacturing companies for the production of these new tablets. Among the companies that will join hands for the production of the smaller tablets are Samsung Electronics, LG Display, Corning, and Intel. These are in charge of creating the internal and external components of the tablets, so it is safe to assume that the new tablets will be foreseen with advanced features. It remains to be seen whether the second generation of Surface tablets lives up to consumers and analysts’ expectations.

IDC was the first to comments on the news that Microsoft is preparing a smaller tablet. According to them, the software company is making this move in order to compete against Apple’s smaller and popular iPad Mini and against other Android devices. Surface Pro and Surface RT, the two tablets released by the company until now are limited to 10.6 inches.

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