Report: Apple Vs. Samsung Legal Battle

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung is finally over after the jury decided on Friday that the South Korean company should pay $1.051 billion to the iPhone and iPad maker. According to Reuters, the money is supposed to make up for the damages that Samsung has caused by copying features of Apple’s products.

Samsung may have won the case in Seoul, but American judges had a different opinion over the famous patent lawsuit. On Friday, they passed the sentence in favor of Apple saying that the South Korean manufacturer has, indeed, copied some of the core features of iPhone and iPad. As a consequence, Samsung is now obliged to pay $1.051 billion compensation to the American company for the damages they have caused.  

The negative consequences of the Friday verdict don’t stop here. Samsung’s products may be banned from the American market in the following months. Apple will reinforce its dominance on the mobile computing market if its biggest competition will no longer be allowed to commercialize its products.

The verdict is a big achievement for the American manufacturer given the fact that many more consumers in the United States were attracted by Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung’s attorneys told the press that they will do everything that is legally possible for them to change the verdict. They expressed their regret that the copyright law can be manipulated in America for the benefit of a company who claims that they invented the square shape with rounded corners. Samsung’s representatives concluded that Apple’s victory will have negative consequences on the American consumer who will have fewer options, less innovation and bigger prices.

Apple’s share prices have grown considerably since the verdict was announced. The IT giant gained 2% on Friday reaching a record level of 675 dollars at the end of the day. The situation could be a lot better in the following days, especially if Samsung’s devices will be banned from the U.S. market.

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