Reese Witherspoon’s Declaration After Arrest

Actress Reese Witherspoon apologized for her behavior after her and her husband, James Toth, were arrested for DUI on early Friday morning in Atlanta. Police officers pulled their car over and noticed that Toth was visibly drunk, whereas Witherspoon was very irritated; they were both taken to the closest police station but released after several hours, the Associated Press reports.

Reese Witherspoon has never struck us as a bad citizen and yet, the actress was arrested on early Friday morning after getting into a verbal dispute with police officers. The “Water for Elephants” star was with her husband, agent James Toth, when they were pulled over for reckless driving. Authorities were forced to arrest Witherspoon because she refused to stay in the car while her husband was taking a sobriety test.

Reporters at the Associated Press managed to get an interview from the police officers who arrested the couple. They have stated that they have decided to pull over the car after watching it weave across the Peachtree Street. James Toth was visible drunk and smelled of alcohol, so officers asked him to take the sobriety test. His wife, actress Reese Witherspoon, refused to stay in the car and was eventually handcuffed because she offended the officers.

The 37-year-old actress told authorities that she didn’t believe they were true policemen and got out of the car in spite of officers’ requests. She tried to make use of her popularity to determine police officers to close an eye at their misconduct, but it was all in vain. She even threatened to make them a subject on national news, but authorities didn’t seem to be bothered by the actress’ menaces and handcuffed her, instead.

James Toth took the sobriety test and results showed that he had a .139 blood-alcohol content, that is, a lot more than the .08 alcohol level allowed in Georgia. The couple was detained at the nearest police station, but they were released after just several hours. Reese Witherspoon apologized for her behavior, but refused to provide any explanation in relation to what the events.

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