Reese Witherspoon Attends Emergency Hearing In Parents’ Dispute

Reese Witherspoon’s love life seems to be going on very well. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about her parents. The actress attended a closed-door emergency hearing on Friday in order to settle her parents’ dispute, says People magazine.

Future mom, Reese Witherspoon appeared in the Nashville court on Friday together with her parents and her brother. They all came to settle the dispute between her parents, Betty and John Witherspoon. Betty filed papers against her husband claiming that he got married to another woman while they were still married.

Reporters didn’t manage to obtain too many details because the hearing is closed to the public. They only found out that Probate Judge Randy Kennedy is in charge of the case and, given Kennedy’s past experience, they assumed the Witherspoon lawsuit must be related to conservatorship and determining mental capacity.

Reese did not make any declarations upon her arrival at the court. Her mother, on the other hand spoke with the press, the day before. She told reporters that she wants the marriage between her husband and the second woman, Tricianne Taylor to be annulled.

Betty supports her claims on the Tennessee law. As a consequence, she wrote on her petition that no person “can marry another while being married at the same time of the second marriage”. The petition also includes a marriage certificate between John Witherspoon and Taylor which proves Betty’s case.

According to the actress’ mom, John, who is an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, had drinking and hoarding problems, so the two decided to separate in 1996. The two never filed for divorce, even though they lived separately, so John is now guilty of polygamy according to the local laws. He has also lost his medical practice because of personal problems including depression caused by his mother’s death in 2003.

Despite the never ending feud, Betty stated that she loves her husband and she doesn’t want to get a divorce because they have been married for 42 years. She first tried to contact Taylor to determine her to cancel the wedding, but the latter did not respond. As a consequence, Betty decided to take the case to the court.

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