Reese Witherspoon About Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon thinks that some celebrities these days have come to believe they are real Hollywood stars without having any talent at all. When accepting the Generation Award for her recent movie, Water for Elephants, Reese lets us know what she thinks about Kim Kardashian’s reality show and Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

If you ever wandered what some of the celebrities these days are famous for, and how come they are big in Hollywood, know this: there are some actors in Hollywood that have the same dilemma. First of all, actors feel offended if they are placed in the same branch as reality stars. One of them is America’s sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, 35, who laid her thoughts “on the table” when accepting the Generation Award from her co-star in the movie Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson. Recently re-married, Reese not only explains the “making it in Hollywood” recipe, but also gives advice on how to make a sex tape and a nude pic.

“I get it, girls, that it’s cool to be a bad girl” she said o the crowd and added “but it is possible to make it in Hollywood without doing a reality show.”

Now, that might have not been so bad, as it doesn’t refer explicitly to a certain type of divas, but watch out for what is to come. She adds:
“When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed.” Apparently this is a growing trend in Hollywood, one that makes stars out of anyone who has the courage to do it. And if your parents have an empire ( of any kind) your chances of getting on the front page of tabloids are guaranteed.

But having a sex tape isn’t the only recipe. You can spice it up with some nude photos. In this case, Reese gives a precious tip: “And if you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face, people. Hide your face!”

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