Redford To Bring Indie U.S. Cinema To London

Actor-director Robert Redford told reporters at Reuters that he plans to bring independent U.S. cinema to London next week. The 75-year-old actor intends to move the film festival that is usually held in Park City, Utah to Sundance London.

It’s been a long time since Robert Redford started his career as a director producing world-renowned films for Hollywood, such as, “Lions for Lambs” and “The Horse Whisperer”. Constantly preoccupied about the quality of Hollywood movies, the veteran decided to invest in the future of the independent movie industry and promote young American talents during the Sundance Festival in London.

Redford explained reporters that he wants to counterbalance Hollywood blockbusters which tend to be present in the majority of international theaters with small budget productions and documentaries. For that, he will take producers and actors coming at Sundance Festival Utah and introduce them to the London public of Sundance London Film and Music Festival.

The American actor justified his decision to promote indie movies by saying that he believes movie goers would like to see other types of films besides the ones they have seen so far in Hollywood. He may appear as a fervid promoter of indie productions, but Robert Redford continues to be a big fan of mainstream cinematography.

Being a major Hollywood player has enabled the 75-year-old director to work “on both sides of the aisle”. In his opinion, the diversity of low budget motion pictures is not traceable in mainstream cinematography because producers are more interested in meeting the expectations of the youth market. As a result, directors were interested in producing increasingly more blockbusters, whereas the passion for indie videos grew smaller.

The success of mainstream cinematography was made, according to Redford, at the expense of “the humanistic side of cinema” and this aspect needs to be changed. He even took issue with James Cameron because the latter urged Hollywood directors to focus on mainstream films in order to boost the industry. “The Sting” star stated that Cameron’s view does not reflect the opinion of the broad category of film makers.

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