Red Sox Star, Johnny Pesky Passes Away at 92

The Associated Press reports that Red Sox star, Johnny Pesky passed away at 92 years old on Monday afternoon. His death was announced by baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who took the opportunity to remind everyone of Pesky’s great career achievements.

Johnny Pesky played for the Red Sox for almost 60 years. He passed away on Monday at the venerable age of 92 years old. His memory will always be remembered due to the accomplishments he made in the baseball world. In fact, baseball players and people in the sports industry expressed their deepest regrets for the death of the Red Sox icon.

Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig was the first to announce that Johnny Pesky passed away. He told the press that the “national pastime has lost one of its greatest ambassadors”. He further added that Pesky represented a model for many baseball players because he was always loyal to the Boston Red Sox.

Fenway Park, the ballpark where he spent most of his lifetime, has honored Pesky by naming the right-field foul pole after his name. The plaque was unveiled on his 87th birthday anniversary on September 27, 2006 describing the pole as “Pesky’s Pole”. They named it this way because the former Red Sox pitcher Mel Parnell told everyone that Pesky won a game by scoring a home run around the pole. This story led to a legend claiming that Johnny curled almost all his home runs around the pole. Truth is, only six of his 17 home runs were made at the Fenway.

The last time Pesky visited the Fenway ballpark was a week before he died on August 5. He was very glad that he was present at the game between Boston and Minnesota when the Red Sox obtained a 6-4 victory. He was also present at the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, on April 20. His fans were very impressed to see the Red Sox legend burst into tears during the pregame ceremony.

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