Recent Eddie Van Halen Interview Explains Why The Tour Was Postponed

A lot of people were really eager to see Van Halen on stage once again. In fact, soon after the tour dates were announced and tickets went on sale many locations were sold out. But last month the remaining U.S. tour dates were postponed. In a recent interview, Eddie Van Halen explains why the tour was postponed.

A cryptic announcement on the band’s website announced fans 31 dates on the tour got postponed. Obviously, real fans of Van Halen have been burned before and just as MTV wrote at that time “buying a ticket to one of their tours is like playing Powerball”. Unfortunately for the fans, the band has disappointed more than often.

As soon as the announcement that the Van Halen tour was postponed got to the media, everybody believed it was because the band members were having a hard time getting along. Several reports seemed to confirm that, and Rolling Stone even wrote they “hate each other” and that they are “arguing like mad”.

In an interview with USA Today, Eddie Van Halen explained why the tour dates were postponed. According to him, the band got in way over their heads. “We bit off more than we could chew”, said Van Halen. “This record took a lot out of us. And we went on tour earlier than we wanted to so we could play Madison Square, and that threw the schedule out of whack”.

The frontman added that the 31 tour dates that got canceled were in cities the band had already performed at some point. Eddie Van Halen revealed the band’s next gig on the “A Different Kind of Truth Tour” is set for November. “So in November, we’ll hit Japan and in the New Year, we’ll possibly do something special. But I can’t talk about it” confessed Eddie Van Halen.

Van Halen reunited for the “A Different Kind of Truth Tour” back in February. Dave Roth got back with the band and Eddie Van Halen said he’s “the same as he’s always been, funny witty”. He admits sometimes Dave Roth is a bit too much, but he “always lands on his feet”.

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