Rebecca Romijn’s secret to losing baby weight: Bikram yoga

Rebecca Romijn is back in the media’s attention after revealing her secret to losing baby weight in the March issue of the Fitness magazine. The 39-year-old star admitted that she started practicing Bikram yoga – one of the most difficult sports –because other exercises didn’t help her lose the 60 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

Romijn surprised everyone with her fabulous slim figure when she appeared at a Golden Globe Awards Event on January 10, 2012. The actress took some years off to concentrate on her family life after giving birth to her twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, but it looks like she is back in business. 

During an interview she released for the Fitness magazine, the “X-Men” star told reporters that she started exercising Bikram yoga in order to get back in shape. This activity presupposes the practice of 26 yoga poses for 90 minutes at a 105-degree temperature. Romijn was forced to reconsider her fitness routine and adopt a more challenging sport because Pilates was no longer effective.

At first, the 39-year-old actress was afraid that she won’t be able to last throughout the 90 minutes of torture, but she eventually became addicted to this activity. It’s not so much the physical benefits that she has drawn from the practice of Bikram yoga, but rather the spiritual advantages that have given her the strength to continue her new fitness routine for more than a year. Rebecca stated that she feels more relaxed and full of energy if she exercises for three or four hours per week.

Although she looks just as great as she used to when she first started her modeling career, Romijn is determined not to pose for Playboy magazine. The former model received numerous offers from the publication, but she turned them all down because she doesn’t want to send the wrong message to her girls.

Fans shouldn’t be discouraged, however, as Rebecca Romijn was rumored to star in a 2012 production called “After Midnight”. The romantic comedy follows Heddy, a bride to be, through her 24-hour journey before the wedding.


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