Reality stars Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello Have a Different relationship ! But it works!

Whatever you want to do! The reality actors Paulie Calafiore, and Cara Maria Sorbello may have an entirely different kind of relationship but they’re in a much better situation than ever before.

“We’re open, and people are confused by this. They’re thinking, ‘Well, they’re going to be f—ing everyone and cheating.'” Sorbello, 35 she said on the October 7th, Thursday episode on the “Watch with Us” podcast with her along with Calafiore 32. “We’ve reached an amazing position. I’m mentally where I am today and the two of us. We’ve been together through the very worst of the worst. We’re still eager to see one another. … We are still in love. sexual sex is great. The love is great. The friendship is great. This is who I am.”

The duo hosts their very first Ten Escape, a VIP all-inclusive trip, came together in the year 2018 when they were shooting The Challenge: Final Reckoning. While they went through several ups and downs after the end of the show They’ve been working hard since then. They live in Montana and share quite a lot of traveling independently. An honest relationship could be the most beneficial option for the couple.

“It’s invite-only, but it’s also, like, trusting who you’re around,” the Big Brother alumni revealed to Us. “There’s an open dialogue regarding the program. It’s not possible to be offended. … Also it’s important to be able to accept your self. When she’s talking about someone you don’t have to just sit and think”Oh my god, this guy has a better six-pack than me. He has a more attractive face. Will she let me go to him? And the reverse.”

Sorbello said that the basis of everything is trust. “I know without a fraction of a doubt in my mind that this man loves me,” the Challenge champ stated. “We are open with one another. We’re transparent about our passions. Many people conceal sexual fantasies or things they love to do to avoid being a frightened partner.”

The couple is also “extremely careful” about any person they invite into their relationships. They also enjoy working and spending time together, which is an activity they enjoy through Ten Escape. Ten Escape. They’re both open returning for the MTV show, if asked but for now it’s their main priority.

“We’ve worked really hard to gain momentum to build this up,” the athlete spoke to Us. “In one year and a half, we turned this into something that could be a six-figure enterprise, it wasn’t simple, but we managed it during a year of pandemic. Therefore, we’re nearing the point of being almost ready to do thisand get this done. We’re still more than excited to return and shake some heads.”

He said that in the last two years, he’s been to a variety of places around the world to find spots.

“Realistically the reason we came up with this concept from the beginning was that we wanted to create a secure space where people could be themselves. We wanted to create a safe space where women could and be able to access content and relax without worrying about all the normal events that take place in the business,” Calafiore added. “We do it all. We manage talent as well as video shoots, photo shoots, these kinds of events and everything else. We just wanted to make sure that we provided a safe environment and a safe space for people to enjoy.”

For more details from the couple about their relationship as well as their opinions about the current season of The Challenge and so much more, check out their podcast “Watch With Us” podcast.

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