Reality Show Mrs. Eastwood & Company Premiered Last Night

Now that your wife has the E! reality show “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” to pass her time, there’s really no other excuse left to have a Clint Eastwood marathon. The network premieresd last night its new reality show “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” featuring Dina, Clint Eastwood’s second wife.

Clint Eastwood’s reputation as the brave and dangerous cowboy of the wild, wild west helped build curiosity regarding his personal life. Fans have surely asked themselves on several occasions what Clint Eastwood is like with his wife and children. Unfortunately, E!’s new reality show isn’t exactly focused on that. For the first time in Clint Eastwood’s career, the spotlight is not on him, but on Dina, his second wife.

At Hollywood not many celebrities are considered to have royalty status. But Clint Eastwood and his family are enjoying such a rank. Not to mention that before now, the star’s family has been kept away from media coverage. But, then again, that’s exactly the sort of thing that E! is betting on: the public’s curiosity.

Last night the well sought after “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” premiered. First episode featured Dina Eastwood, the 15-year-old Morgan and the 19-year-old Francesca. Former TV news anchor, Dina is now having quite an unusual life for a celebrity wife. She is currently working as manager for a boy band, the Overtones.

Obviously, yesterday’s premiere introduced us to the first drama in the Eastwood family. With two teenagers in the family, things are likely to go pretty crazy anytime. The 15-year-old Morgan got everybody fired up with her desire to get her belly-button pierced. Well, in the quite traditional life of Clint Eastwood, pierced belly buttons aren’t exactly a thing.

So, to get Morgan give up on her idea, Dina sacrificed her own belly-button. When Morgan saw her mom’s new shinny bling, she was mortified. The teenager later confessed: “I guess it’s really cool that my mom risked my dad getting really mad at her just to teach me a lesson. It definitely scarred me for life”.

The show also features Dina’s brother, Dominic and his family. His baby boy puts Francesca, the other teenager in a touchy situation as she and her boyfriend talk about motherhood.

“Mrs. Eastwood & Company” makes you think things really go crazy when Clint Eastwood is out of the house. Maybe he should watch the reality show too, so he won’t have surprises when he gets back home.

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  1. My daughters and I were really looking forward to seeing this show last night. Well, to be honest we were really shocked! Yes, things are always different than what we expect but not like this. I would think that the family of Clint Eastwood would at least try to represent some of his class and dignity! So sad…..

  2. On the contrary I was real impressed with the Eastwoods down to earth life. The family was real, loving and fun. I look forward to watching the upcoming episodes.

  3. I grew up Clinjt Eastwood-enjoy everything he does. Excellent director. I also think he is a down to earth person.

    I did enjoy the show last night, but would have liked to see more of Clint. He is aging well. He is such a class act!!!

  4. NO NO NIO……….After respecting and loving every movie that Clint Eastwood has done……..how can he now lower himself to do a reality show. Let the Kardashians make fools of themselves………..but NOT Clint Eastwood. It just breaks my heart to see this once VITAL STRONG and MUCH LOVED actor….remember “Dirty Harry”….remember “The Good the Bad, & the Ugly. Even “Grand Torino” and Clint was a force to be feared. Let his wife make a fool of herself and her “fame” living off Cllints name…….Clint please let us remember you as we all loved you. An ACTOR to love and respect forever.

  5. Oh puhhhhlllllleeeeezzeeeee

    Clint eastwood likes to keep it real and so does his wife.

    This show will not make Clint Eastwood look less classy, just more accessible. I had no idea he was such a liberal softie. What a nice surprise!

  6. I worked along side Clint Eastwood upfront and personal in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and I am appalled that he would allow himself for the money to be ‘showcased’ like this…he is NOT the nicest person folks…I hate to tell you the truth… he has hurt deeply his x’s and he can be mean and cold…but THIS…..eeeeekkkkkk….Clint Eastwood PLEASE…head for the hills and SHUT DOWN THIS PRODUCTION…even on your worst day….it is beneath you !

  7. When you think of the Eastwoods you automatically think 1st class and sophistication. After watching the show it’s good to see Dina is just as crazy as us and actually lives a normal life like us. I love her housekeeper and lil piggy.

  8. With all their wealth, it’s easy to see that this family is not hang up on material things. The Eastwood house is quite nice but more modest compared with other “Hollywood” celebrities. That is refreshing.to watch.

  9. what a tacky show. Dina is as immature as her young daughter. The pilot which aired about two weeks ago explained how Dina met Clint and explained their sex life doesn’t suffer because of the vast age difference. Too much info, Dina! I agree Clint has lowered his standards greatly by participating in this piece of junk.

  10. I liked this more than I thought I would. The family is just normal enough. And while Francesca comes dangerously close to speaking like Kim/Kourtney/Khloe by turning up at the end of every sentence as if it was a question, this family does does not have that over-processed look and feel of the Jenner/Kardashian clan. And while Kris tries to act like she’s just one of the girls, Dina acts like a mom to her kids. She’s very likable. I predict that as personalities become better known and stories develop, this will prove to be one of the better reality shows. At the very least, it’s a refreshing change.

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