Raymond James: “iPhone 5 Will Soon Be Forgotten”

Analysts at Raymond James predict that Apple’s iPhone 5 will soon fall into disuse due to well-established market factors. The company has paid close attention to the evolution of Apple’s iDevices on the market and was, thus, able to distinguish a significant decrease in popularity, CNET News reports.

There is nothing that can deny Apple’s leading position on the smartphone market at present. However, things may not always be the same, according to analysts at Raymond James. In their opinion, iPhone 5 and the subsequent smartphones that the company is planning to launch, may not be as popular as the previous models; quite the opposite, the upcoming upgrade may fail to trigger consumers’ interest.

Tavis C. McCourt, the expert who made the above mentioned prediction, grounds his suppositions on three main arguments. The proofs he uses to support his claims have been collected after a thorough analysis of the iPhone’s evolution.

McCourt compared the sales reports for iPhone 4, 4S and 5, reaching the sad conclusion that Apple’s sales percentage has dropped considerably in the past quarters. Unlike iPhone 4S, which was immediately sold to a whopping number of customers, iPhone 5 is struggling to equate its predecessors’ success. The explanation: the 4S upgrade came after more than 12 months of anticipation, so customers were eager to buy a new phone, especially since the latter was foreseen with slightly improved functions. Willing to compete with its number one rival, Samsung, the Cupertino-based manufacturer hurried to launch the fifth generation of iPhone, but the large segment of customers, who had already upgraded to 4S were no longer willing to switch to iPhone 5.

The second reason behind iPhone 5’s diminishing popularity is, according to Tavis, the insignificant changes that Apple has made from one prototype to another. The 4S model has been upgraded with a better Siri app and several other hardware improvements, but none of the modifications have left us open-mouthed. The situation grew worse with iPhone 5 where the only major change that was announced by the company was the introduction of the LTE technology. As appealing as the new technology might sound, the feature is not available in all countries, so users were forced to settle themselves with the description provided by the manufacturer.

Last but not least, McCourt believes the height: width ratio of the screen was the third reason determining customers to keep aloof from iPhone 5. The form has been harshly criticized by analysts and consumers alike after the launching of the phone causing the Cupertino, California manufacturer to lose territory to competitors.


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