Ratio Eight, an elegant coffeemaker

Most coffeemaker companies are offering similar products, with the same plastic box design. Well, this is where Ratio Eight is coming to action. This new coffeemaker comes with the bit expensive price of 580 dollars, but it has a brilliant design.

Ratio Eight is packed with luxury materials, like ceramic, metal, glass and wood. Without a doubt, Ratio Eight is one of the most beautiful coffee machines that was ever released on the market. However, the question is if its coffee-brewing abilities will be as good as its design or its expensive price?

Probably, Ratio Eight is one of those coffee machines that are recommended to people who have a large stash of cash to burn and they are looking for a device that will look good in their kitchen.

To be mentioned that there are plenty other coffee machines on the market that will probably serve better coffee at a smaller price. There is the 190 dollars Bonavita BV1900TS model, which doesn’t look as extravagant as the Ratio Eight, but it probably serves a good coffee.

When opening the Ratio Eight package, customers will remain speechless due to its design. Moreover, it has a package that is probably reserved for more expensive devices like tablets, laptops or smartphones, not coffee machines. Probably, the high price is stocked inside the expensive materials from which it is constructed. Ratio Eight has a water reservoir and carafe that it’s actually made from hand-blown glass, instead of lightweight polycarbonate. The coffee machine is carved from genuine wood and buttressed by metal beams. 

Ratio Eight is very easy to use, as owners will have to simply remove the larger water tank cover situated in the middle of its top surface and fill the reservoir. Next, they have to add the coffee to the brewing chamber and put the cone on the top of the glass carafe. To be added that the cone accepts standard no. 4 paper filters. However, the coffee machine will also work with one of Ratio’s accessories, the Kone filter, which costs 60 dollars.

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