Rapper Soulja Boy buys 55 million dollars jet on his birthday

Rapper Soulja Boy just turned 21 years old and decided to buy an eccentric birthday gift to himself. So he dug up in his bank account and paid 55million dollars for his own private jet, People Magazine informs.

If you have 55 million dollars, why not spend it? Better yet, why not spend it on your birthday to award yourself for being so successful? This may have been what Soulja Boy was thinking as well, just a few days before turning 21. At such a young age, the hip-hop artist already has a transportation vehicle that many of us don’t even dream about: a private plane. His management team told TMZ that the rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, has bought the Gulfstream G5 jet. And he did not settle for the basic model, which was 35 million dollars. He opted for upgrades that added to the bill more than more that 50% of the initial price of the plane. So the total sum of money has risen to 55 million dollars. The improvements he paid extra for include custom Italian leather seats, several flat screen TVs, four alcohol bars and some other upgrades that are worthy of royalty: customized travertine-tiled floors, Brazilian hardwood cabinets and revamped bathrooms.

Soulja Boy is not going to stop there: he is planning on having the jet painted with his logo, which will cost him a great deal of money as well. But as it appears, there is no such thing as too much money when you consider it an investment in your public image.

On Friday, Soulja Boy is going to host his own birthday party in Miami, where he invited numerous friends. Among them, there are Sean Kingston, Bow Wow and Dwight Howard. The party is reported to have cost him another 300,000 dollars. But for this investment, he has figured out a way to get some profit. He is going to stream his party live on his website. Anyone who is interested in seeing how the rapper parties, will have to pay a fee to gain access to the video.

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