Randy Jackson Is Officially Done As “American Idol” Judge

Over the past few months there’s been a lot of controversy around the “American Idol” judges. It was obvious Randy Jackson will not make it through the revamp. TMZ has learned that Randy Jackson is officially done as “American Idol” judge. But who will replace him?

For the past few months all “American Idol” fans had to put with the judge panel drama. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler left the show weeks ago, while Randy Jackson kept mum. Obviously he had no reason to leave, but the show’s producers are determined to put the “American Idol” judging panel through a revamp. Now, it seems Randy Jackson is preparing to leave the show too.

We can’t even get one week of peace with all this “American Idol” judge drama. Each week there’s another rumor that goes viral and fans are all over it hoping their favorite star gets the judge gig. The Nicki Minaj report caused a lot of fuss and allegedly had Mariah Carey throw a hissy fit.

It’s likely producers cut loose ends and made a deal to make sure queen Mariah Carey is happy. So cutting Randy Jackson out of “American Idol” might be the only solution that could allow producers to bring Nicki Minaj in the judging panel without having Mariah Carey screaming all day long.

Sources say that Nicki Minaj is 99% confirmed to be the next “American Idol”, so who is going to replace Randy Jackson’s open spot? Perhaps Mariah Carey will get to see her wish come true and Lenny Kravitz would sit next to her. According to Hollywood Life, Mariah Carey “thinks he would be the perfect choice because he is extremely talented and knows music inside and out”.

TMZ reports Randy Jackson will no longer be a judge on “American Idol” but he’ll stay with the show as a “mentor”. While sources with the show say producers aren’t exactly happy with that, Randy Jackson has the sort of qualities that keeps the show together.

The new report also suggests that “American Idol”’s next season might bring a fourth judge. Apparently the producers are negotiating with a popular country music artist for one of the two seats currently open.

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