Rachel Zoe, used by ex-assistant

While preparing for the new season of “The Rachel Zoe Project”, the reality star says that she has been used by her ex-assistant, Brad. Acording to TV Guide, Zoe says that Brad, whom she has parted ways about a year ago, poached clients behind her back after he left.

Rachel Zoe is preparing for a whole series of new projects in several areas of her life. On the career level, the fourth season of “The Rachel Zoe project” is set to be premiered on Tuesday, at 10/9c on Bravo. During the first episode, she will make a revelation about her professional relationship with her former assistant, Brad.
 According to her, Brad left and after a while, he poached clients behind her back. But, as she puts it, “It’s not the first time I’ve been used. I would say it’s going to be the last time, though.” Zoe’s relationship with her assistant before Brad, Taylor, is bad as well. They are not speaking.  Now she has hired a new assistant, Jeremiah, whom she believes is “a different person entirely”. In her opinion, “there is no similarity on any level between Jeremiah and Brad and Jeremiah and Taylor.”

At the moment, Brad has his own reality show, “It’s a Brad, Brad World”, which airs on Bravo, as well. So Rachel and Brad are now in competition for the audience. And they are not speaking. “We really don’t have a relationship at the moment”, Zoe says.

Aside from the TV career, Rachel Zoe has started her own fashion line and is enjoying one of the most important statuses in a woman’s life: that of a mother. She has a six-month-old son, Skyler Morrison. “He’s the greatest thing ever” she says about her young man and reveals that she takes him everywhere with her, even at the business meetings. “He’s my everything. My heart aches when he’s not with me.”

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  1. Why doesn’t Rachel make employees sign non-compete agreements where one agree not to work in the same industry for x years? All corporations do this with employees who are “in the know” about production of the brand. JEESH. Seems so simple to stop being a victim.

  2. Well what did you expect…you saw the snake he was when dealing with Taylor… he is a IIttle bitch. ..but I think he would like that description…



  3. Oh it was written right across his forehead when he first walked into their office. How could Rachel not see the snake for what he was. And he was immediately sucking up.

    what a slug,

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