Rachel Uchitel got married

The so-called “Tiger Woods mistress”, Rachel Uchitel married her finacee, Matt Hahn, this weekend in Las Vegas.

Uchitel became famous once stories about a possible love affair between her and former golf player Tiger Woods caught the media’s eye.

The-36 year-old nightclub manager, was considered Tigers number one mistress and was covered in reports over and over again as she tumbled out of Tigers closet one time after the other.

The golf player was affected by his life style in both his private and professional sectors. His affairs resulted in his marriage to Elin Nordegren, Swedish model, being shattered. Further more, Tigers is currently struggling to get back in shape to continue his golf career.

A spokesman for Uchitel described the marriage as unplanned for. The couple attended a wedding during the weekend and got the idea of mirroring the event themselves. Rachel and her 10 years younger husband, exchanged vows during a ceremony that took place on Sunday at the Little White Wedding Chapel in  Las Vegas. 12 close friends of the couple were present for the event. Other celebrities used the same location for their weddings, such as: Michael Jordan, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Britney Spears.

In an interview for Radar Online, Uchitel stated that they “are really happy and feel extremely fortunate to have one another”.

The bride wore a long orange dress for the event and walked into the chapel on the Single Ladies Beyonce song, only to exit it while listening to That’s What You Get for Waking Up In Vegas.

The couple made their relationship public in March. Since then both twitted several times about it. For Uchitel, Hahn, former Penn State football player, is the best thing that happened to her in a very long time. While her husband feels “very blessed to come home to such an amazing person every night”.

Rachel was married once before to Steven Ehrenkranz, a long time friend and old schoolmate who was a trader for the New York Stock Exchange. They got married in 2004 but their relationship only lasted for a few months.

Also, she was engaged before her two marriages to James Andrew O’Grady, and investment banker, who died tragically in the 9/11 events.


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