Rachel Crow breaks down after being eliminated from the “X Factor”

Another contestant had to be eliminated from the “X Factor” show and this time it was 13-year-old Rachel Crow, says MTV. The moment turned out to be very dramatic as the young singer broke down when her elimination was announced. Everybody blamed judge Nicole Scherzinger for Rachel Crow’s moment of break down because the former left the final decision in the hands of America’s votes.

Crow was competing against Marcus Canty when the public decided that Canty should continue to stay on the show. When the host of the programme, Steve Jones, announced that Rachel Crow was eliminated, the 13-year-old star fell to the ground and started sobbing loud and hard on the “X Factor” stage. Nobody expected this to happen because Crow repeatedly told that day that she would be appeased with every decision that the judges make.

Simon Cowell immediately went on stage to give Rachel consolation, but the girl would not stop sobbing and crying for her mom. As cameras drew closer to Rachel, people could hear the singer telling her mom “You promised, you promised it’s going to be OK” while her mother approved her words. In the end, Crow left the show thanking fans for their support and promising them that she will go far.

Nicole Scherzinger was booed for asking the public to make the decision in her place. The Pussycat Dolls singer was crying, too, so she was not able to say something to Rachel on her way out. However, she did comfort Crow backstage.

The other judges supported Nicole’s move. Cowell, Abdul and Reid told reporters that they would have made the same choice if it had been up to them to determine the future of the two singers. Simon Cowell calmed the public down by ensuring everyone that Crow will be co-opted in their future projects and will eventually become a star. Even though he sincerely congratulated the 13-year-old girl, Simon added that Crow is very young, so she needs to learn how to stay prepared for all sorts of situations.

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  1. I’m sorry but Marcus was in the bottom how many times. And in my opinion he cannot sing very well and is just another singer just like the many singers the same as he. He does not offer anything different. Rachel was consistent in her singing week after week, she was able to take famous songs and do them her way. Her voice range was incredible, all this in a body of a 13 year old. Even some choices to move on have no singing talent, but have a sympathy vote.
    Nicole has no talent herself other than Pussy Cat Dolls which really are only one genre of music. Selling sex. why she is on this panel amazes me………..
    Come on America Rachel Crow will be famous more than the one you vote for in the end…..
    How refreshing Rachel was for this show…..

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