R. Kelly Criticized for Dating Young Woman

It seems that famous singer R. Kelly has fell under scrutiny for his latest relationship. The star is said to be dating a much younger woman. Actually, according to the latest reports, R. Kelly is dating no one else than a 19 year old model. The criticism emerged now because the star has been linked in the past to inappropriate relationships with underage girls. 

So, some new reports say that R. Kelly is dating a very young model, Halle Calhoun. The two first met at one of his concerts, earlier this year. And it seems that Halle is not afraid to show the world that there might be something going on between her and the famous musician. She shared some photos of herself and R. Kelly on her Instagram page. 

Furthermore, R. Kelly and Halle Calhoun were spotted together enjoying a club date. The musician is 30 years older than the model, but it seems that they get along just fine. In fact, a photo of the two showed Kelly wrapping his hand around the model and the two definitely seemed close. R. Kelly has not commented on the new report. 

However, he was criticized for dating a much younger woman because this is not the first time when R. Kelly has been linked to such a relationship. R. Kelly is believed to have married late star Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old. At that time, R. Kelly was 27 years old. A second incident involving an underage woman surfaced back in 2002. 

Then, a video emerged online allegedly showing the musician having sex with an underage woman. Well, Halle is not underage, but the fact that she is much younger than the musician has drawn a lot of comments on social media. Some comments were very critical, saying that Halle is in fact 5 years older than most girls that R. Kelly has dated until now. 

If the relationship will be confirmed or not is something yet to be found out. Meanwhile, the musician seems to remain focused on his career and on his music. 

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