Queen Latifah Denies Homosexual Orientations

Queen Latifah made a recent appearance at the LGBT Pride Festival in Long Beach California and this led to numerous suppositions in relation to her sexual orientation. According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer released a statement after the parade to explain people that being part of a gay parade doesn’t necessarily make you gay.

A lot of discussions have been made in relation to Queen Latifah’s sexuality ever since she first started her musical career. The “U.N.I.T.Y” interpreter never made any explicit declarations because she prefers to keep her personal life away from the prying eyes of the media. Despite this, her recent appearance at the LGBT Pride Festival in Long Beach, California was described by many as an indirect confession of her lesbian orientation.

Queen Latifah issued a statement after the parade telling people that she doesn’t think one needs to be gay to support homosexual parades. As to her orientation, the singer reminded everyone that she never liked discussing her private life with the public and it’s not her intention to do it in the future, either.

The interpreter further explained that she likes gay parades because she considers them to be incredibly fun. As a matter of fact, Latifah’s first concert was in a gay club. The New Year’s Eve concert which was hosted in San Francisco enabled the artist to gain $10,000. In her opinion, the best weapon people have to fight against all the hatred and bullying is to love each other. This is why Latifah showed up on stage during the Long Beach parade.

Even after the Tuesday statement there are fans who still consider that Latifah is gay and needs to come out of the closet. At the opposite end, however, there are people who defend the singer telling everyone that she has the right to keep her sexual orientations private, no matter what these may be. Other fans have taken to the Twitterverse to tell Latifah that they would still admire her whether she were gay or not.

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  1. Her sexuality is her own business. It just doesn’t matter. Those who say that anyone is hurting the LGBT community by not coming out is silly. Coming out is as much about self-acceptance as it is about the acceptance of others. There’s absolutely no need to be militant about it.

  2. I have no respect for her zero. You dont necessarily have to come out but dont deny who you are either. If she doesnt want to discuss it then fine say that she doesnt want to talk about it. But dont stand there and say you are not when Ive seen you with my own damn eyes leaving with two girls on your arm playa. You are in denial and everybody else who believes this junk.Denying who you are is cowardice. Latifah stop being a coward and take responsibility. You want all the fame with no scrunity. Sorry doesnt work like that.

  3. You can take gay money but you are gonna deny your gay. I wont be supporting you and will let my people know not to support you either. You are denying the same community that helps you to be where you are. Your fame is from a lot of gay people working for you to make you look good on screen to the recording studio to those big fat paychecks. Maybe we all should start boycotting you and see how fast you change your tune. Totally Hypocritical.

  4. why is she afraid to just say it, of course she is gay, not cause of the gay rally, latifah is just scared, ut of what..she will still get the affection of the ppl. anyway.

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