Queen Elizabeth II Steals The Spotlight From Prince Harry

Us Weekly reports that Queen Elizabeth II stole the spotlight from Prince Harry thanks to the recent photos that were published on Tuesday. As opposed to her usual style, the royal was spotted wearing a hoodie while driving her Range Rover.

It seems there’s no respect for older people these days. All the media does is talk about Princes, Prince Harry this, Prince William that, Kate Middleton… Nothing about the big chief in the royal house: Queen Elizabeth II. That is probably why she decided to ditch her formal look and drive her Range Rover wearing a hoodie on her head.

The amusing pic showed a different side of the woman whom everyone regards as a conservative given her noble roots and titles. Her Majesty is peeking over the oversized steering wheel of the Range Rover, the only visible parts of her body being the forehead and the eyes. It is unclear why Queen Elizabeth chose to cover her head with a hoodie, but speculations claim that the member of the royal family was trying to sneak out incognito from a shooting session at Balmoral.

Queen Elizabeth’s tranquil life has been turned upside down by the recent scandals related to Prince Harry. The youngest member of the family is a magnet to troubles and, just like his mother, he puts popularity above everything else, including the reputation of the royal family. As a consequence, a family meeting was held last week at their Scottish estate so the 86-year-old Queen could decide what needs to be done in relation to her nephew.

Prince William, however, being already a family man, chose to stay at his Angelsey, Wales home with his wife, Kate Middleton. He joined the rest of the family, but he told the press that he was “not impressed” by his brother’s nude pics scandal. Apparently, siblings’ jealousy is the same for both the crowned and the crownless.

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