PS4 Event – Main Subjects Discussed

Sony’s major PlayStation 4 event finally took place on Wednesday in New York, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered in relation to the features of the new game console. The main subjects that were discussed were related to the games that will be available on the box and not to the hardware specs of the device, USA Today reports.

Looks like PlayStation 4 will be long in coming as Sony did not reveal the much-awaited game console during its Wednesday’s event as many fans had been hoping. Great part of the discussion focused around the new games and software features that will be added to the new generation of video game console. While these options look very promising, consumers would have liked to get a glimpse of the box, especially since it is said to be very different from the previous models.

From now on, players who decide to switch to PS4 can test demos of the games they find in PlayStation Store, the moment they see them. To make things more interesting, Sony has given players the possibility to share clips with their friends and even receive advice from them through a live broadcast of the game.

Based on the information disclosed during Sony’s presentation, the new PS4 has been enriched with many more social functions, that is, players have the possibility to share their game results on the Internet by simply pressing a button. Even though Sony did not showcase the new hardware, some details have nevertheless been disclosed. According to their declaration, the game console will feature a touchpad, motion controls, built-in speakers and stereo headset jack.

The best feature, however, according to fans who have taken part in the event, is the ability to download or update games while performing other activities. Sony decided it was time to significantly diminish the time players normally wait for downloading a game and this is how the new feature was created.

The interface of the PS4 is yet another mystery that will most likely be solved during a future meeting. Sony did not say much about the new interface, so players won’t be able to tell whether the console will be much easier to use or not. In addition, the IT company will have to communicate the starting price of the device as spokespersons did not mention anything about this aspect during the event.

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