Prostate Cancer Patients May Ease Side Effects With Breast Cancer Drug

New studies revealed that prostate cancer patients may ease side effects by using the breast cancer drug called tamoxifen. Based on the four studies performed on various male patients tamoxifen can help reduce growth of breast tissue or breast pain, according to Live Science.

Scientists have good news for prostate cancer patients suffering from various side effects. According to their recent studies, the breast-cancer drug called tamoxifen could be used to prevent growth of breast tissue or breast pain during treatment. These side effects usually occur because men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer receive estrogen, and this, in turn, leads to breast swelling.

The announcement was made after scientists performed various tests on prostate cancer patients. The data they have gathered during the four researches enabled them to distinguish that males who take tamoxifen are less likely to experience side effects in comparison with those who don’t.

The tests were carried out on a longer period of time. Patients who received tamoxifen over a period of six months reported that their breasts were 10 percent smaller than they used to be before they started taking the drug. In addition, the breast tissue was 6 percent less painful at the end of the testing period.

Prostate cancer patients usually receive a drug called anastrozole to counteract the side effects of the estrogen, but tamoxifen is much more effective, according to the studies. Overall, the breast-cancer drug is 20 percent better than the other medicines that have been used so far. Thanks to tamoxifen, doctors may be able to prevent prostate cancer patients from giving up their estrogen treatment as many of them had problems dealing with breast swelling and pain.

Dr. Freya Schnabel, professor and breast surgeon at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, told the press that the recent findings are very logical. She explained that tamoxifen is an anti-estrogen therapy; therefore, it could be effective on prostate cancer patients, as well. However, she thinks further studies should be performed for a better understanding of the process.

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