Prosecutors urge judge to give Dr. Murray the maximum sentence

Prosecutors in the Michael Jackson case urge the judge to give Dr. Conrad Murray the maximum sentence, Associated Press reports. On the other hand, the doctor’s lawyers ask for probation.

The trial of Michael Jackson’s death ended earlier this month, with the jury finding Dr. Conrad Murray, the pop star’s personal doctor, guilty of involuntary manslaughter. After numerous hearings and evidence, it was decided that indeed, Dr. Murray killed Jackson, by injecting him with a mix of substances, one of which propofol, a powerful anesthetic used only in hospitals. He administered the drug to Michael at home, and left him unsupervised for a while to take a phone call. It was enough for Michael’s heart to stop beating.

Conrad Murray was taken into police custody since the beginning of the trial and was denied bail. After the verdict was given, he was taken back to jail. He is now awaiting his sentence, which will be pronounced on November 29. He could get up to 4 years in prison and the withdrawal of his medical license. Prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil believe that Murray deserved the maximum sentence as he showed no remorse for what he has done. The have urged the judge to give him 4 years in jail.

Dr. Murray’s lawyer Nareg Gourjian argues that his client is very sorry for the loss of The King of Pop. “He is, by every account, immensely sorrowful and remorseful” he said.
Gourjian also added that budget cuts and overcrowding in the Los Angeles prison has led to the release of other offenders who presented low, or no danger to society. “Dr. Murray is clearly such a defendant”, the lawyer concludes and asks for probation for his client.

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