Pronto, an universal remote

Over the years, several universal remotes have been released on the market. A couple of years ago, these universal remotes were pricey and had an over-folded instruction sheet. However, remotes like Logitech Harmony and Philips Pronto managed to change the world of universal remotes by adding PC-based programming to the mix.

This means that with a single button push people can turn on their TV, audio system and cable box. Well, their days have passed because smartphones have taken the control and replaced even universal remotes. 

So, besides GPS navigators, camcorders, cameras, e-readers, iPodes, Game Boys and many others, smartphones have also replaced universal remotes. Android top phones, like HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 come with a built-in feature known as infrared (IR) blaster, which allows them to replace the remotes of various electronics in the house, like the DVR, TV, audio system and the streaming box. 

However, iPhones do not come with such features and to function as a universal remote, an iPhone needs an outboard accessory. Well, this is where Pronto comes into play. This little box is a perfect alternative to the Harmony Home Hub that is available at the price of 100 dollars. Pronto comes at half that price and even if invokes the name of the Philips remote control, this device is totally new, released in 2015. 

Pronto is known as an IR blaster in a little battery-powered tower and it functions via wireless Bluetooth from the Peel SmartRemote app. To be mentioned that this app runs on the iPhone. Pronto comes with a fancy design that features a little black plastic tower. Users can twist off its bottom to reveal the door for its battery compartment.

The company declared that it has no option to permanently plug in, but it also claimed that its four AA batteries will power Pronto for about a year. However, customers must know that there is no way to use an Android device with them. 

Pronto’s setup is not hard, so in a couple of minutes users will have the opportunity to control all their devices from their living room.

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