Promoters Had Concerns About Michael Jackson’s Mental Health

Three years after Michael Jackson’s death there still are secrets surfacing in the media. Recent reports read that promoters had concerns about Michael Jackson’s mental health ahead the comeback concert.

The Los Angeles Times published this Sunday a series of emails that showed there were some concerns Michael Jackson’s mental health wasn’t exactly desirable ahead his comeback concert. The concert’s promoters were worried the singer’s health and mental state was not fit for the upcoming tour.

Michael Jackson’s comeback tour scheduled 50 shows. The emails that the Los Angeles Times leaked, were collected by an insurance company that is now looking at a $17.5 million policy payment since the singer wasn’t able to perform. The company doesn’t want to pay AEG Live the policy claiming Michael Jackson’s health problems were concealed when the policy was signed.

“This Is It” director Kenny Ortega wrote in his emails sent to Dr. Conrad Murray, the star’s private doctor, about his concerns Michael won’t be able to handle the strain of the concert. He told the private doctor Michael Jackson had “strong signs of paranoia, anxiety and obsessive-live behavior”. Moreover, he suggested it would be a good idea a “top Psychiatrist” would be hired “to evaluate him ASAP”.

In the published emails, AEG Live President Randy Philips writes that his company “will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the fil/dvd”. But the same Philips writes in emails sent to AEG Live’s parent company about Michael Jackson’s unfit mental health.

“MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent. I (am) trying to sober him up” reads one of Philips’ emails. “He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is show time” Michael Jackson’s promoter wrote.

That particular day Michael Jackson was one hour and a half late on the O2 Arena press conference. The promoters said he was due to traffic issues, while his leaked emails depict another story.

Two months after Philips’ email to the parent company about Michael Jackson’s unfit mental health, the promoter told a CNN reporter the star was “as healthy as he can be – no health problems whatsoever”.

The leaked emails show promoters had obvious doubts and big concerns about Michael Jackson’s mental health. A production manager called Michael Jackson “basket case” while the show’s music director said “MJ is not in shape enough yet to sing this stuff live and dance at the same time”.

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  1. Its sick and perverted that for a reason some media have an obsessive thing in revealing strictly private affairs about Michael Jackson who always wanted to protect his privacy, the only limited area of his very public life.
    Its disgusting, what else do we need to know or see? Is there such demand?
    Wasnt his naked dead body enough? The autopsy report? The audio of seemingly drugged out Michael Jackson?

    Isnt it a damn coincidence that such BS appears the day(s) of the world premiere of BAD25 documentary by Spike Lee???? (London/Venice)
    Oh…, just a coincidence, isnt it?

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