Production of iPhone 6 to Start Next Month

Rumors reveal that Apple might be releasing its brand new smartphone very soon. So, new rumors indicate that the production of iPhone 6 might be starting as fast as next month. 

For quite some time now it has been rumored that Apple plans on releasing a new smartphone model. The next iPhone is said to be a larger screen device, compared to previous versions. Apparently, Apple will start the production of this new phone in just one month. Bloomberg was the first to report this, sources telling them that the new iPhone 6 will actually come in two sizes. 

So, sources indicate that the 4.7 inch model of the iPhone 6 will be released in early autumn, while the larger-screened model will most likely be released after that. It seems that the two release dates have been established after certain problems were met in the production of the larger screened iPhone model. 

It looks like Apple has a lot of plans when it comes to its future releases. Rumors indicate that the famous company also plans on launching the iWatch. The much-rumored iWatch is expected to start production in July, while the official launch will most likely come in October. 

The new iWatch is expected to be a success, too, but the new iPhone is also expected to be great. The iPhone 6 is said to be thinner and to bring a series of new features. In terms of design, rumors indicate that the new iPhone will feature more curved edges. However, which are the features that will impress most is something we will only find out in a few months. 

If the smaller version iPhone will be a 4.7 inch device, it seems that the bigger version will be a 5.5 inch screen size phone. It has been rumored for months that Apple plans on releasing a phone with a larger screen, to be able to compete with the highly popular and successful Samsung phones. It now seems that the company is one step closer to this big release. 

Well, all Apple fans are surely expecting anxiously to find out how the new iPhone will look like and how this device will impress with great technology and a great design. 

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