Prince William’s wedding , more important than her job

Fairytales have always inspired people. Especially women. This is one of the reasons why Teresa Cunningham, an American from Missouri, decided to do what some of us would never consider doing, no matter what. In plain financial global crisis, when most Americans fear for their future, this woman decided to quit her job so she can follow her dream.

That is to go witness the royal wedding of Prince William and his future wife, Kate Middleton. “Everybody wants to be a princess said Teresa with a big smile on her face when interviewed by KMBC. When asked by the reporter if she wanted to be one, too, she answered: “Well, I’ve got a crown”. Now, before thinking what any normal person would think, we imagine that the crown she is talking about is part of her royal collection. She’s got the two signatures of Queen Elizabeth’s mother and father from 1947 and 1949, photos, mugs, plates and many more. “I love English history, I’ve loved it since I was a kid” she said. So when the opportunity of witnessing the making of history arose, she couldn’t miss it for the world. She took some time off from the job and went to buy plane tickets.

And when the employers said they couldn’t let her go because they had no coverage, she presented her resignation.

Now, she’s on her way to Great Britain, along with other 6,000,000 tourists that came from all over the world to attend the royal event.

She booked a hotel room right near Westminster Abbey, the famous cathedral where the ceremony will take place. “I told my husband if I didn’t come home, he would know to send money” said Teresa joking. But who knows, maybe it isn’t a joke after all. She plans to spend the night before the ceremony outside in order to get a good spot.

Prince William’s wedding is planned for this Friday, on April 29th. The engagement of the prince with Kate Middleton was announced on November 16th, 2010.

He has proposed to her while they were on vacation in Kenya. Kate and Williams first met in 2002 at St. Andrews University where they were both studying history of art. The first time she turned the Princes’ head was at a charity fashion show, where she was modeling a sheer black lace dress.

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