Prince to Release Two New Albums

Famous singer Prince announced the release of two new albums. So, the famous star will not release just an album, but he will actually put on the market two new such projects. 

Prince has been quite busy lately and it seems that he has many projects in plans. The singer revealed that his new solo album, Art Official Age, as well as the album PlectrumElectrum, at which he worked with 3RDEYEGIRL, will both be out on September 30. Prince is mostly famous for the successful album Purple Ran, which was released in 1999. 

So, it seems that the famous singer has been quite busy lately. The star has also managed to negotiate a contract with Warner Brothers, which actually is the label which released the earliest album of the star. It seems that something determined Prince to return to Warner Brothers after no less than 18 years of pause. The new album that is in the works to be released in September actually is the first that Prince has announced since 2010. 

Now, Prince wanted to impress with both a solo album and an album released in collaboration with 3rdeyegril. Both projects promise to be amazing. For instance, PlectrumElectrum promises to be a unique project, as it has actually been recorded the old-fashioned way. This means that the musicians recorded it live in the studio, using analog recording equipment. Fans will surely appreciate this genuine talent and great work. 

Some of the songs that will be included on this album are Wow, Plectrumelectrum, Pretzelbodylogic, Boytrouble, Stopthistrain, Marz and Fixurlifeup, among many others. On the other hand, Art Official Age is a solo album of Prince, an album that was produced by the singer and Joshua Welton. Prince decided to release no less than 13 tracks on this album, which also include the single Art Official Cage. 

Other songs that fans will be able to hear on this new album are This Could Be Us, Breakfast Can Wait, Breakdown, Way Back Home, Funknroll, What It Feels Like and U Know. It is yet to find out what fans will think of the new album and if they will love the songs that Prince will release now. 

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