Prince Harry Uses Princess Diana’s Bracelet for Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are one of the couples who are constantly linked to a series of rumors. Now, the rumors are saying that Harry plans to give Meghan an engagement ring which is actually made from a bracelet that used to be owned by Princess Diana.

So, it surely seems that Prince Harry wants to make his engagement a very special and emotional moment. The report was shared by the Daily Star, which claimed that the wedding might be happing soon. The report said that the ring is worth $1.27 million and will be made from Harry’s late mother’s old bracelet. A source talking to the site revealed that the ring will be “flashy but not ostentatious.” The special piece of jewelry will be designed by Harry Collins.

It seems that Harry’s decision to rush the wedding is given by the fact that his grandfather has been dealing with some health problems. Prince Philip was rushed to the hospital due to an infection. The source explained that Prince Harry is very sure that he wants to marry Meghan.

“The romance might feel rushed, but Harry is certain Meghan is ‘the one,'” the source explained. “It is because of his grandad’s ill-health that he has broken the usual two-year romance protocol,” the insider added. The source also said that Harry wants to hurry with getting married because it is very important to him to have Prince Philip at the ceremony.

“Harry thinks he got his ‘joker’ gene from Prince Philip, and is desperate for his grandfather to see him get married while there is still time. They are very close,” the source explained. “He has approached his father and grandmother for a ‘fast pass’ for the permission to go ahead and propose.”

As imagined, there are only rumors at this point on the subject and Harry and Meghan are not expected to make any comments in the near future. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the two are very happy together and things are going great in their romance.

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