Prince Harry Rumored to be engaged to Cressida Bonas

It seems that new rumors were associated to the single prince of England. According to the latest rumors, Harry is actually engaged to Cressida Bonas and he already received the blessing for his marriage. Allegedly, the two got secretly engaged, after getting back together. 

So, from all we know, Harry and Cressida were separated. However, it seems that the former couple got back together and they actually realized that they need each other so much that they got engaged. According to reports, the two rekindled their romance in March. An insider alleged that the two were willing to keep the romance to themselves, all with the purpose to enjoy a little privacy. It surely seems that this did not last too long. 

Well, according to the insider, Harry and Cressida are the happiest they have ever been. And Cressida is sure now that Prince Harry is the love of her life. Moreover, reports said that the pair also got the blessing of Queen Elisabeth, who is not excited about the union, but agreed for the sake of her grandson. After all, Harry’s happiness is all that matters. 

“The queen is not thrilled about Cressida’s career, because princesses have royal duties to attend to that should be priority,” the insider said. “She gave her blessing to the engagement because she wants Harry to settle down and have a family.”

Well, if the Queen is not a fan of Cressida, it has been claimed that Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Camilla really adore her. 

The news on this reconciliation came after Harry claimed during an interview that he is ready to settle down and have a family now. Of course, Harry did not reveal any intentions to settle down with Cressida. However, insiders claimed that “their time apart really brought home to him how perfect she is for him.” “It took him a while to understand it, but he knows now that Cressida is the only one for him.”

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas met back in 2012. The pair officially separated in April 2014. It is yet to see if the rumors will be confirmed.

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