Prince Harry Deletes Facebook Account After Nude Pics Scandal

Prince Harry hurried to delete his secret Facebook account after the nude pics scandal took seize of the media. According to Us Weekly, William’s brother created a secret account under the pseudonym Spike Wells and even gathered 400 friends with whom he frequently interacted on the social network.

I have gradually grown fond of the royal family’s junior as his audacity never ceases to amaze me. The fact that he has the courage to break all the rules and traditions that have been imposed on the members of the royal family makes me want to vote him for president. The nude pics scandal he was recently involved in, however, might have convinced him that ignoring his royal responsibilities may not be a good choice, after all.

Making visible efforts to temper himself, Prince Harry has decided to close the Facebook account that he was secretly maintaining under the pseudonym Spike Wells. The account had been very active during the last year as the little Prince managed to make 400 friends and exchange various comments with them. The 27-year-old royal may reactivate his social media account in the future, but given the current scandal he prefers to follow consultants’ advice and stay offline for the moment.

The information that Harry provided on the Facebook account was entirely false. He wrote that he lived in Maun, Botswana and that he was interested in “all sports”. His profile image depicted a red-headed child and the message “Oh my God, I’m ginger”, a message that makes a lot of sense once you take a look at Prince Harry’s hair. Arthur Landon was the Facebook friend that Harry interacted with the most during the time he kept his online account. Landon even posted a photo of the royal which was taken when the latter was passed out in the sand in the Necker Island.

Prince Harry is now severely criticized by the members of the royal family after several nude pics of him surfaced in the media last week. The photos showed William’s brother having fun with two other girls in a Las Vegas hotel room wearing nothing but his birthday suit. 

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