Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Plan Intimate Beach Wedding Ceremony

According to the latest rumors, Prince Harry plans on getting married soon. The famous prince is dating actress Meghan Markle and without a doubt things are going perfectly well between the two. Now, the rumors are saying that Harry and Meghan might actually be planning their wedding.

A report from Radar Online revealed that the two stars are thinking about a wedding destination and are considering getting married on the beach. The idea came as one of Harry’s friends had a beach wedding, which Harry liked and thinks about doing himself. The friend wedded in Jamaica and Harry attended the ceremony with Meghan.

“It would be highly irregular for the Prince to have a Royal wedding anywhere but London. However, Harry isn’t your typical Prince,” an insider said. “We have seen him naked in Vegas and now he is dating an American actress,” the same source went on to add. The insider claimed that fans should expect the wedding to occur in the near future and the event will definitely be an intimate one. So, this means that Harry’s fans should not expect a wedding similar to the one of William and Kate.

“Harry does things his way and that will also include how and where he gets married,” the insider explained “He loved the way his friend got married, in the sun by the beach and is now considering it himself,” the same source went on to add. Of course, there are no official comments on this report, but most likely Harry will have a different wedding than the one of his older brother.

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle started dating last year. In a unique gesture, the prince decided to officially confirm the relationship in November. He released an official statement in which he claimed that Meghan was indeed his girlfriend and revealed that the reason why he made this public statement was linked to the fact that he was worried about Meghan’s safety. Allegedly, since the rumors on a potential relationship between the two emerged, Meghan was constantly followed around and harassed.

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