Press Release: Dev Team To Reveal Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

Developers at Dev Team will reveal the much-awaited Apple TV 3 jailbreak by the end of the year. The hacking software is undergoing tests before the final version will eventually be uploaded on the company’s website.

Even though there have been many articles claiming that the digital media receiver will not be jailbroken very soon, developers at Dev Team come to contradict all the aforementioned statements. The company is, in fact, very close to releasing the good beta version that all Apple TV 3 users have been waiting for. The release will probably take a week or two, but the team will, nevertheless, launch the software by the end of the year.

Dev Team is 100% sure that their new jailbreak will be compatible with the latest generation of Apple media receiver. Their belief is grounded on the numerous tests and trials that have been performed so far in order to identify even the smallest glitches in the program. They have thus, managed to create the best Apple TV 3 jailbreak that is expected to lure thousands of online users in the days following the release.

Unlike other Apple jailbreaks that were relatively easy to make, the Apple TV 3 hacking software has been long in the making. It was, however, worth all the waiting as buyers will be able to significantly improve their devices once they install the program.

The team of developers who has supervised the research has had the opportunity to view some of the benefits that people can obtain after the jailbreak. Many more video files will be supported by the digital media receiver and an infinite number of apps will be available for download when Apple TV 3 is breached.

Customizing the gadget’s look is another advantage that users will get if they choose to install the hacking software. Based on developers’ insights, the screen of the Apple TV 3 may be organized and arranged to display the information that is more relevant for the owner. News and weather forecasts are some of the pieces of information that are displayed with the help of the hacking software.

Dev Team will do their best to release the good version of the Apple TV 3 jailbreak by the end of the year. Keep an eye on their website to get the latest news and most recent updates.

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