The Truth About John Kiefer’s Carb-Back Loading Diet

Next week, reporters at Daily Gossip will subject John Kiefer’s manual to a thorough analysis in order to put an end to the debate that has been circling it.

John Kiefer is the author of the Carb-Back Loading manual which has been very criticized due to the remarks it has made in relation to well-known fitness and sports practices. The author recommends himself as a reputed physicist and scientist who has studied the structure of the human body for a long time and is, therefore, capable of providing the correct information to people who want to lose weight and increase their muscle mass without making too many efforts.

According to reviewers at Daily Gossip, John Kiefer’s diet is a scam because it does not provide enough evidence to convince people they should adopt a lifestyle that is completely opposite to the practices recommended by doctors. Kiefer advises people to stop worrying about their fat level and eat as many carbs as possible. The body will not store fat; on the contrary, excessive weight will be eliminated through insulin stimulation, that is, by eating specific products at specific time intervals.

The author claims to have discovered what the entire community of scientists has been unable to find after centuries of researches: the secret to getting full control of body substances. Kiefer states that carbs can be easily burned and turned into muscles if people consume them during different time intervals than the ones that have been already suggested by trainers and nutritionists.

There is no real evidence or example that can support Kiefer’s theory; therefore, the Carb-Back Loading manual has been labeled as unsubstantial by reporters at Daily Gossip. Their declaration is partially based on the fact that the book does not contain advices that could guide readers and help them change their lifestyle. Moreover, the theory is not supported by a sound argumentative base and a rich reference list to be taken into consideration.

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