President Obama sings Al Green’s song: “Let’s Stay Together”

Here we are with a brand new article from the category “some politicians would do just about anything to get popular”. This time President Obama was in the center of attention when he sang Al Green’s song: “Let’s Stay Together,” says the Associated Press. The event took place at a New York fundraiser which was held at Manhattan’s Apollo Theater on Thursday night.

The President was supposed to deliver a speech in honor of the event when he unexpectedly veered from his prepared remarks to thank Green for having warmed the crowd. As if simply naming the classic was not enough, Obama wanted to make sure the public was aware of his appreciation for Al Green, so he started crooning the famous song, “Let’s stay Together”.

He began with a vibrated “I” and continued after a brief pause with “so in love with you”. Apparently, that was enough for the crowd to go ecstatic and applaud him, so Mitt Romney, make sure you take your notes.

Obama continued his informal speech with a joke. He confessed to the audience that his staff members didn’t believe he would dare to sing Al Green’s classic. He then, proudly stated towards his staff “I told you I was gonna do it”.

The moment was followed by an allusion to the famous African American tap dancer, Sandman Sims, in order to make a comment on his artistic performance. Obama stated that at least the Sandman hadn’t come out. The tap dancer was present at the Apollo for many years chasing unpopular acts offstage.

The artistic moment was triggered by Green’s presence at the show that Obama announced before he started singing. As a matter of fact, the Reverend stepped on stage together with India Arie to entertain the guests at the fundraising event.

Almost 1,400 people were present at the event. Thanks to them, Obama managed to raise at least $3.1 million in New York on Thursday.

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