Pregnant Soldier Delivers Baby Boy in Afghanistan

After escaping last week’s attack, a pregnant soldier delivered her baby boy in an Afghan combat zone. Military superiors are now investigating the birth to determine whether the British soldiers hid she was pregnant or she obeyed the rules, says Reuters.

A British service woman delivered a baby boy on Tuesday in a desert camp located in Southern Afghanistan. The camp has been frequently mentioned in the media last week as it was subject to a terrorist attack shortly after Prince Harry’s arrival in Bastion. Two U.S. marines lost their lives during the attack, but the woman and her unborn baby managed to survive.

The British woman is a Fijian national serving as a gunner with the Royal Artillery. She went into labor on Tuesday and was immediately sent to the field hospital where she delivered a healthy boy. Britain’s defense ministry declared on Thursday that officials were unaware that the woman was pregnant. Had they known, they wouldn’t have allowed her to deploy on operation because it is against the law.

Doctors, however, claim that the British soldier might not have been aware of the pregnancy. According to Belinda Phipps, chief executive of the National Childbirth Trust, the excitement of the mission and the difficult tasks soldiers have to perform on the field might have masked the symptoms of pregnancy. This explains, in her opinion, why the servicewoman didn’t’ know she was pregnant or attempted to ignore the signs for so long.

British defense ministry stressed the importance of the mother’s safety in his speech. He told the press that a team of doctors were sent on the field to help the female soldier and her son return to their home.

The other soldiers at Camp Bastion were glad the woman was able to safely deliver her baby boy in the field hospital. They all concluded that the situation could have ended badly for the soldier and her son. In fact, last week’s attack might have forced the birth, so the soldier and the baby are kept under close surveillance. 

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