Pregnant Snooki Moves Out Of “Jersey Shore” House Next Season

The “Jersey Shore” atmosphere is getting a little too noisy even for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi who recently announced that she will move out of the “Jersey Shore” House in the next season. According to TMZ, the reality TV star opted to stay in a nearby house because she is pregnant and she doesn’t want the to-and-fro of the show to jeopardize her baby’s health.

Snooki proves to be a much more responsible mom than people expected her to be. The reality TV star completely changed her lifestyle ever since she announced her pregnancy in March. Sources claim that Nicole is no longer using self-tanning products or going to tanning beds because she thinks these could be dangerous for her unborn baby. Moreover, the “Jersey Shore” star told the press that she will no longer live in the famous MTV house in the sixth season because she needs a quieter place during the last months of her pregnancy.

Snooki is not the only star on the show who seems to have given up partying; Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has agreed to speak for the first time about the recent rehab stint he completed. Sorrentino became addicted to pain killers, so doctors recommended him to spend some days in the rehab. Although he completed the program in April, “The Situation” confessed that he still finds it very hard to refrain himself from using pain killers. However, he tries to focus on the accomplishments he has had so far in order to gain the power he needs to resist future temptations.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino emphasized the fact that he did not have a problem with alcohol, despite the numerous times we have seen him drinking on the show. He argued that he wouldn’t have had so many girls, if he had been drinking so much because you need to be sober to make a good impression on women.

Given that so many characters on the show have cooled down, producers fear that “Jersey Shore” will no longer attract viewers. Some online publications even suggested that MTV might replace the reality TV show with a more intriguing one, such as, the “The Real World” franchise.

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